Adim8, from the blending of the words 'advertise' and 'animate', brings to market a unique digital advertising method known as Icon Advertising, which places your advertising icon or logo at the center of the consumer's attention.

Time is irreplaceable, making time the most valuable commodity on earth. Yet, on a regular basis, digital applications waste time. Every moment the daisy spins or the loading bar moves, time is ticking away with no reward. Adim8 makes wasted time a thing of the past.

Icon Advertising applies to a wide range of digital content and applications, including streaming media, social networking, on-line gaming, travel applications and more. In fact, any application which regularly experiences noticeable waiting events can apply Icon Advertising.


With patented technology, Adim8 brings to market a unique digital advertising method known as Icon Advertising. We realize that capturing the consumer’s attention is a challenge. With Icon Advertising, we place your advertising icon or logo at the center of the consumer's attention without disrupting the user experience of the application, capturing the eyes that you are paying for. How do we do this?

Simple, you know the spinning daisy or loading indicator that appears every time an application is loading, media is buffering, or an application is searching the internet?

With Icon Advertising, we replace the standard indictor with customized animations of your logo, icon, or ad content. So instead of the consumer watching a spinning daisy, the consumer sees your logo or animation.

The advertising content is limited only by the imagination of your creative team. A single animation or a series of animations can entertain and amuse the user. Easy to implement and easy to manage, Icon Advertising is a revolution in digital advertising.

Mobile phone with Clash of Clans game and Coke spinner