Adim8 LLC is an early stage start-up company based in Southern California. We are focused on developing innovative digital advertising applications.

Our first product is Icon Adverting, a unique (and patented*) advertising technology which replaces a standard waiting indicator or loading bar with animated advertising content. In addition to developing the technology, we also produce creative content and compelling ad campaigns leveraging this exciting new technology.

* Patents 8787895, 8107940

Computer with Hotwire Holiday Inn Advertising

Our goals are clear and simple:

  • Help developers and publishers generate a new and synergistic revenue stream from virtually any digital application
  • Place our advertisers’ brands at the center of the digital consumers’ attention
  • Bring viewer-friendly advertising to the streaming video market

We are presently demonstrating the Icon Advertising concept to potential customers, partners, and investors. Contact us now to learn what we can do for you.