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Adim8 makes wasted time a thing of the past by monetizing those waiting events. Think about how many times your application displays a generic waiting indicator or loading think about the revenue possibilities Icon Advertising can deliver.

Icon Advertising is simple to integrate into your application with our easy-to-use API. The API allows your developers to easily replace that call to the standard waiting indicator with a call to the Icon Advertising function. There are no other changes to make. Icon Advertising manages ad downloads, ad rotation, display stats, and reporting information back to the server. Interested in hearing more? Contact us today!


How do you attract eyes to your brand? How do you get your brand heard over the hum of digital noise? Display ads can be ignored and overlooked; pre-roles and roll-overs can annoy the user...and all of these display ads can be blocked. The answer is Icon Advertising! When a waiting event occurs, you have the users undivided attention until the wait is over. By replacing that indicator with an animation of your brand image, Icon Advertising accomplishes your goal. Run a single animation, or run a campaign with multiple animations. We can even make the animation active to support click-through. Interested in hearing more? Contact us today!

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